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Green Apple | 10 Pack


Pucker up for a bright and punchy green apple flavor with Valhalla's Green Apple gummies. These sativa-infused gummies are designed to brighten your day, providing a delicious and effective cannabis experience. Each bag contains ten rectangular gummies, each testing at 10mg of sativa-dominant THC. Handcrafted for consistent dosing and exceptional taste, these gummies are perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

Flavor Profile:

Green Apple gummies feature a tart and sweet green apple flavor that makes each bite a delightful and refreshing experience. The vibrant taste is sure to satisfy those who enjoy fruity and tangy confections.


These sativa gummies are known for their uplifting and mood-elevating effects. Users report experiencing relaxation combined with long-lasting mood elevation, making these gummies ideal for enhancing your day with a positive and energized outlook. The low psychoactivity levels make them suitable for those seeking a mild and enjoyable high.


Perfect for those seeking an uplifting cannabis experience, Green Apple gummies are great for daytime activities, social interactions, and creative endeavors. Their consistent dosing and delicious flavor make them suitable for both new and seasoned cannabis users.

Brand Background:

Valhalla Confections was co-founded in California in 2014 and quickly gained popularity for its consistently dosed, best-tasting, and fast-acting gummies. Their mission is to use high-quality ingredients to help patients live happy, healthy, and balanced lives. Valhalla Confections are handcrafted by talented staff in California and New Jersey, offering three flavor varieties. Their great-tasting, long-lasting gummies are dosed precisely to have the same effect every time.

Medical Benefits:

These sativa gummies are beneficial for those seeking relief from depression, fatigue, and stress. The uplifting effects help promote a positive mood and mental clarity, making them ideal for daytime use.

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THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol) 2.4
THC-D9 (Delta 9–tetrahydrocannabinol)-2.4

About the brand :

Valhalla Confections was co-founded in California in 2014 and rapidly gained popularity as one of the most consistently dosed, best tasting, and fast acting gummies on the market. Valhalla Confections are handcrafted by their talented staff in Nevada, California and New Mexico. With 3 flavor varieties, their great tasting, long lasting gummies are dosed precisely to have the same effect every time.

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