Brand: Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan - 12 Pack Pink Mini Cones

Blazy Susan Pink Mini Cones come in a convenient 12-pack, offering a stylish and hassle-free smoking experience. These pre-rolled cones are made from high-quality, vegan-friendly materials and feature a vibrant pink color. Simply fill, twist, and light up for a smooth and even burn every time.

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About the brand :
Blazy Susan

Blazy was Born One day, while sitting on his couch looking at his cluttered coffee table, Will Breakell had an epiphany; thus, the original Blazy Susan was born. A few short years later, and here they are! The company has grown to reach all over the world, and is revered by our extremely supportive community of customers and fans. Giving Back Blazy Susan wouldn’t exist without YOU, so they take pride in giving back to the amazing community. As a brand, they stand for equality and empowerment. They know that the community and industry they are a part of is often unfairly judged and criticized, as are its members. They hope to be a glowing example of how to operate and lead the way in this uncharted territory.

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